To describe an intangible, personal experience in offering - is complex and filled with ambiguity.

Instead, I invite you to take yourself back to moments in life which were filled with true positive emotion.

Whatever those memories are, they often have one thing in common: involving a meaningful interaction with another living being.

I hope to recreate those emotions with you in a different context, during a private encounter.

Allow my presence to unleash your sense of adventure, your thirst for life and your desire for the hunt.

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Incall & Outcall

2 hours 600
3 hours 850
5 hours 1200
12 hours 2200

extra hour +300


Incall & Outcall

1 hour 300
2 hours 600
3 hours 850
5 hours 1200

extra hour +300


* Rates are in Canadian currency, accepted via cash or PayPal. 

* There is a one-time transportation fee of (+50) for all outcall appointments.






As of October 22, a 2-hour minimum booking is in effect.

I am available for shorter encounters through Allegra on specific days: please see their website here.

Due to a very busy professional schedule, all date requests require pre-booking with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Please note: same day requests can no longer be accommodated.

Dinner dates are a favourite for both new and established friends.

Dates longer than (3) hours must include (30%) social time.

Dates arranged overnight must include (6) hours of uninterrupted rest.

I tour Southwestern Ontario under Mila Sage on Saturdays -

Alternate rates and details apply. Please inquire or visit my other website here.

Outcalls to any other GTA cities are no longer available at this time.

Duos and couples are no longer available, unless booked with Allegra on scheduled days.

I am not touring the rest of Canada or the USA for the foreseeable future.





Initial correspondence should be requested via booking form, filled out to completion.

Screening is non-negotiable and enforced for both of our safety.

Please communicate implicitly in regards to intimate preferences, and explicitly otherwise.

Please leave donation in plain site for private meetings, and tucked inside a book/gift bag for social engagements.

Reviews are welcome if written in a tasteful manner and emailed first for consent.

Boundaries and mutual respect are to be exercised at all times.

Please review the FAQ section for additional information.



Travel Etiquette


Previously established rapport and a (50%) deposit is required for all trips.

Business / first-class airfare and accommodations are to be covered by you (but booked by me).

A minimum of (6) hours sleep and (2) hours personal time is required every (24) hours.

Separate hotel rooms are encouraged for personal downtime.

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Questions? email me.